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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Summary for C4T

ebook on the ipad

My blog page was Langwitches Blog which has several different educators writing different articles about technology in the classroom. The first article I read was about ebooks on ipads. It explained how to use the ipads in the classroom. I really enjoyed this since I just recently purchased myself an ipad. I can not wait to incorporate some of these wonderful ideas into my classroom. Everyone had so many great ideas.

Learning about blogs for your students

Again I was assigned to Langwitches. The second article was learning about blogs for your students. This was a very thoughtful reflection on how to get started writing blogs. This could not have come at a better time since I am so interested in learning how to created a blog page. I really look forward on creating a blog for my own classroom. After taking this class I believe blogs can be very helpful and fun for the kids. They are an excellent way of communicating with other school, parents, and students.

Final Report of PLN


Honestly, I did not like the PLN. I honestly did not use it as often as I thought I would when we created it. It looked so neat and organized but, I was not successful with it. I wish I could be that organized. I would love to be a well organized person. I think I dropped the ball on this project. I guess I could sit on here and say oh it was great and I really use it but, I just could not get used to it.

Blog Post #14

Top 10 list

Top 10 Tips of Using Technology
The top 10 tips of using technology
1)Streaming- I will definitely use different videos in my class for educational purposes. I think YouTube is a great resource in some ways. I will carefully examine and research the video before showing it to my class. But, overall I think kids will relate and pay more attention to up to date videos.
2) Music- Like he mentioned in the video kids already have tons of music on their iPods, cellular devices, and iPads. So kids will seem to relate more and now kids start listening to music at younger ages. It is not just the older kids. It is always more interesting when you add music to a project. It catches your attention better.
3) Skype- This is one of the Internet tools I did not use before this class. I still am not too familiar with it. I feel as if I could really love Skype. I loved doing the Skype interview and thought it was great. I will need a little more practice on this one before I feel comfortable with it but, plan on doing a lot with Skype.
4)Interactive exercises- This is a good way to learn your students strenghts and weaknesses. The teacher I did my observation hours with did a lot of this on the Smart Board and ipads. She linked them together and the kids played games on them. They loved this. I was really amazed how good they were at this. Some were better than other with the iPads and Smart Boards so the teacher should have realized which students could use a little more time with this technology.
5) Smart Boards- Like I said in tip 4 the teacher used her Smart Board a lot. She pretty much taught her whole lesson off the Smart Board. This is another tool that I have not had and experience with before this class. I would have loved to get more one on one time with the Smart Board. I may go into one of the classrooms at school and try to educate myself more on this tool.
6) Podcast- This is another tool I had no experience with before this class. I would love to make a podcast for my class. I also would love to teach them how to make one. Great tool for learning.
7) Blog- Before this class I would not have thought to create a class blog. But now I feel like it is a must. If I don't have one I will feel left behind. This is a MUST for me!!!
8) Social networks- I am one of the ones who feels like this is not necessary. I do love facebook but, not for educational purposes. I really see no reason to have a facebook or twitter associated with my classroom or students. Maybe if I become more familiar with twitter I may see the reason but, as of now I do not.
9) Internet tools- The Internet has become pretty much a necessity to have in today's world. I could only imagine if were all the sudden cut off from it. There are so many Internet tools out there and I am sure I will use them.
10) Gadgets- OK it is no secret that most kids have iphone, ipads, ipods, or any electronic gadget. So make the best of them and teach them education purposes that the have.

C4K Summary Post for Nov.

Research Conundrum:Bias
My first article was Research Conundrum:Bias by Spencer. This article explains about how some people are bias and people interpret information differently. It shows two articles that have the same information but the words are worded different. It goes to show that sources are biased and raises the question "is it such thing and an unbiased source?"
Mrs. Yollis' Class Blog
This C4K was from Mrs. Yollis' class. This post was called Magnolia Tree Mystery. The class has been talking about magnolia trees. They used a magnolia leaf to do math word problems. The magnolia leafs came from Mississippi and South Carolina. The class examined the leaf and its seeds. They were amazed at its texture. They used the leafs for math problems.
My third C4K was to Aldora @ PT England School. Aldora wrote a story called One Tree Hill and even drew illustrations for the story. The story was short and left you wondering what happened to her It was about her walking up a tall hill and slipped and fell down bumping into her friend. Left me wondering if she was OK or not. I am still amazed at how these students are so talented and able to do such a wonderful job on their blogs.