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Sunday, December 4, 2011

C4K Summary Post for Nov.

Research Conundrum:Bias
My first article was Research Conundrum:Bias by Spencer. This article explains about how some people are bias and people interpret information differently. It shows two articles that have the same information but the words are worded different. It goes to show that sources are biased and raises the question "is it such thing and an unbiased source?"
Mrs. Yollis' Class Blog
This C4K was from Mrs. Yollis' class. This post was called Magnolia Tree Mystery. The class has been talking about magnolia trees. They used a magnolia leaf to do math word problems. The magnolia leafs came from Mississippi and South Carolina. The class examined the leaf and its seeds. They were amazed at its texture. They used the leafs for math problems.
My third C4K was to Aldora @ PT England School. Aldora wrote a story called One Tree Hill and even drew illustrations for the story. The story was short and left you wondering what happened to her It was about her walking up a tall hill and slipped and fell down bumping into her friend. Left me wondering if she was OK or not. I am still amazed at how these students are so talented and able to do such a wonderful job on their blogs.

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