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Friday, September 2, 2011

Blog Post #2


                                        Did you know?
After watching this movie my initial thought was "WOW! I know technology was evolving fast but didn't really never think about the actual numbers. It is really amazing how far we have came in technology. I could only imagine all the technology out there. This is coming from a person who does not own a smartphone, does not have a facebook and just now created a twitter. So you can only imagine how amazed I am. I have been out of high school for about 9 years and remember not having computers and we managed just fine. Today, it would be so difficult to manage without a computer.
After watching the movie I sat back and started to think about the last 10 years and we really have came so far in technology. It is kinda scary how much we rely on technology these days. I do believe it is a good thing and very important in the education field. I just hope it does not start replacing humans in some jobs.

                                                      Mr. Winkles Wakes

When Mr. Winkle woke he found himself in a totally different world and I can see why he was a little scared. He was very behind on the technology world . All the technology change was a little overwhelming for him and would it be for you also. I could only imagine how the world would be 10 years from now with how fast technology grows. Even though technology is growing everyday we still will need great teachers to help teach our children. That is one thing that I hope never changes.

                                               The Importance of Creativity

This video was actually a lot more interesting that I thought it was going to be when first starting it. I was actually amazed of how good it was, it kept my attention the whole time. I agree with Mr. Robinson about creativity disappearing in the school system. Schools do tend to put arts and music at the bottom which could be a bad thing for those students who excel at those subjects. As soon as a school starts to talk about budget cutting and cut backs usually the arts and music subjects are the first to go.
Even thought I am not really a arts and music student and person in general it is very important. I have a child who loves art class and also takes a music class as an elective. He is very into it and makes him so happy. Creativity in general makes people happy, I love that Mr. Robinson said that creativity is just as important than literacy.

                                                        Scholastic Article

During the interview Sir Ken Robinson stated that there need to be more of a balance between Arts and Sciences, I agree completely. I believe if a person is an artistic person they should be able to express it even in school. They may not be the  best at the Maths and Sciences but a least there will be something there that they are good at. It is not fair that some schools put away the Arts to do this, that and etc. I am not saying Math, Science and other subjects are not important, because they are. I think there should definitely be a balance of Arts and Music in there.
         Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

No Pencil and Paper scares me. From watching the video that is the way the world is going. I love learning about new technology even though is it a little complicated. Today's kids don't seem to have a problem catching on the new technology at all. I know my 2nd grader will love this way of learning. We already use a computer game to help him with his spelling words and it seems to work for him. He is 7 and last Christmas received an laptop and this Christmas wants an ipad....really! When I was 7 I wanted a Barbie. Thing are really changing so fast. Children get excited when able to use a compute to do projects and they have more fun that just reading a book and writing a report on it. That seems like it is becoming a thing of the past.


  1. Hello Holly!

    Despite some grammatical errors (that probably resulted from your typing fingers getting away from you), I thought you gave a nice reflection about each prompt.

    Just a note: you don't have to capitalize math, science, art, or music.

    You're so right though. Things do change really fast. I was part of the technology generation growing up, so I was lucky enough to grow up with a computer at hand. However, even I'm impressed with how much things progress in such a small amount of time. It's astounding.

    Good post.

  2. Hey Holly!

    First I have to say I admire you for going to school, having two jobs and a 7 year old WOW! I hope every once in a while you take have day for you. When reading your post I did notice some grammatical errors. I am the first person to understand that! I missed some in my post as well. It happens, just remember to be on the look out.
    I know life is changing so fast. I sometimes find it hard to catch up. But we will get it, in time. Try to go in a little deeper with your post. When you are writing remember what Dr. Strange told us about portable paragraphs. But like I said, it happens. Well I hope you find my tips constructive. Have a great day Holly!