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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blog Post #3

                              It's Not about the Technology by Kelly Hines
I agree with Kelly Hines article. As teachers we must be learners as well. Learning and teaching are not the same thing. As educators we must be able to do both. How important is technology if there is no one there to teach it. Technology is useless without good teaching. I could not tell you how many times I have heart teachers say" I don't know why these kids don't get it." Teachers may have to look at their teaching methods and "learn" different way to teach. It is the teachers responsibility to reach out and learn how to better teach the students in their class.
Kelly state "It's Not all about the Technology" and I do agree. You have to have well educated rounded teachers to teach the children. It is not always necessary to have a computer if front of a student to teach. I am not saying computers are not important just that good teachers are more important. I think that is what she meant by "It's Not about the Technology" it is also about the teachers.
             Is it Okay to be Technologically Illiterate Teacher? by Karl Fisch
Teacher's today should  know as much as possible about technology. It is very important in today's society to be literate in technology. I really liked the comment "In order to teach it, we have to dot." How can we teach our children if we aren't literate in technology ourselves? A very good question that I am asking myself. My goal is to learn as much as possible about technology so I can be the best teacher I can be and able to answer questions that students might have.
I think is could be Okay if a teacher is not completely technology literate but, it is very important to have the basics down. Most teaches today are computer literate to a degree but if they are not it does not necessarily make them a bad teacher. They may just have a different way of teaching and maybe it works for them and their students.

                                            Social Media Count by Gary Hayes
Amazing! I always knew the numbers were large but did not know that large. The statistics changing every second. These numbers will only increase over the years with all the new technology coming out. Everyone pretty much (except me) has Internet on their phone and is constantly updating status, or checking someone else's status  out. Email has really came a long way, now that seems to be the easiest way to get a response back now .
Okay, has anyone ever chose a place to eat because it had Wi-Fi? I know just the other morning I did, I needed it and was only gonna eat their if they had it. I have been quality of that a time or two. Soon I believe it will be everywhere.

                                          A Vision of Student Today
This video was so true. This is the typical college student problems they have to deal with. Text books too high, 2 or 3  part time jobs, and still in debt. I myself have to work full time and still will be in debt when I graduate. Students have their laptops in class and teachers allow it because it seems normal these days. Even though they are more than likely on facebook.
How can technology save us? I don't know if I agree with that statement. If anything it may be hurting us in a way. Cellular phone bills are now on average running anywhere between 100-150 dollars per month. I have know people who have choose to pay their cell phone bills over utilities. That just happened this week to an individual I know. I it eliminating jobs with all the automated systems now. I just hope it doesn't get out of control and take over people lives.


  1. Hi Holly,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog and agree with a lot of your statements. It is really hard for me to give constructive criticism like Dr.Strange instructed us to do. Like I said before I thought you did a good job I only observed a few grammatical errors, I understand because those are so easy to make. I made a lot on my first post and had a comment from one of the lab assistants with the suggestion to read it aloud before you post. I took her advice and it does help for you to catch those small errors and fix them before posting. Also I noticed no TAG ALT modifiers on your inserted pictures. I also did not include them last week on mine and was commented on by a lab assistant and they helped me to add those. I think those are important for the blind to have a descripiton of the picture and for plagiarism issues you have to have your source for the pictures. Someone in the lab could assist you in adding those easily. The content of your blog was really good.

  2. Thanks Cassie, Yeah I have to get on help on adding source for my pictures. I will try reading it out loud next time. Great advice!

  3. Hey Holly!

    Cassie just gave you the same advice I gave her and was going to give you, so just take the time before you post to read it out loud. She's also right that you do need Alt and Title modifiers for your pictures. The instruction manual and the Facebook page both have detailed step-by-step guides for doing that, but we can also assist you in the lab if you find that you are still having issues making Blogger accept the code.

    I found this one sentence that I had to show you that illustrates the importance of re-reading your own work.
    "I have been quality of that a time or two."
    I'm not exactly sure what you meant by using "quality," but I think perhaps you meant "accused." It's pretty easy when you're in a hurry to "let your fingers get away from your brain." It's happened to me tons of times, and still does.

    However, I think you bring up a great point about Wi-fi that I haven't actually considered before. I just take for granted sometimes that places have wireless available for customers, and I'm pretty sure that if I went to a restaurant without it, I would be taken by surprise.

  4. "I could not tell you how many times I have heart teachers say" I don't know why these kids don't get it." Heard rather than heart I presume. I certainly wonder about that in EDM310. Most of the time I think it is because the students do not read the instructions or search for answers. they wait for someone to do it for them or talk them through each step. That is the result, I think, of our emphasis on burp-back education in this country!

    "Okay, has anyone ever chose a place to eat because it had Wi-Fi?" Chosen not chose. I do it all the time.

    "Even though they are more than likely on facebook." Whose fault? Students? Teachers? Both? What does the Wesch video say about our current teaching techniques in college?

    I endorse Bailey's comments.