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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Additional Assignment 1


Reading Tom Johnson's article I did understand that he was using a metaphor but did not clearly state it in my blog post. I did think what if he replace the word "pencil" with "computer" but, I guess wasn't 100% sure so did not post it. I think others myself and other are just to serious and took it literally. I should have took more time on reading it to be certain what he meant and went with my first instinct. I believe we use metaphors to get a point across. I really like using metaphors they can be funny and add excitement to a story. I really like it when others use metaphors also, it makes me laugh. I will defiantly be on the look out for metaphors now. Some of the most common metaphors I can think of I use regularly are:
Music to my ears
Jumping for joy
It's raining cats and dogs
Free as a bird
Easy as pie
Piece of cake
Slow as Christmas
I really could go on, these are just a few.

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  1. Hi, my name is Sarah. Do not feel bad about not seeing the metaphor right away. I think that the reason that many people do not recognize them is because we use them so much and do not even know it. When we did this assignment I told my husband that I never use metaphors. He told me that I used them all of the time. I was amazed by this and I began to pay more attention to what I said. He was right! I use them all of the time.

    I also think that metaphors are important in or everyday life. They bring color and flair to our conversations. The only time that I see using metaphors as being inappropriate is when used to be rude. I think that we need to be carful to use metaphors for good and not to be sarcastic and back talk others. Other than that metaphors are great.