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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ms. Yollis' 3rd grade class blog

Ms. Yollis' blog
Ms. Yolli's Blog

Ms. Yollis' is on her twenty fifth year of teaching. Ms. Yollis has taught a variety of classes over her years of teaching but, is currently teaching third grade. Ms. Yollis has just recently finished her master's degree in Integrating Technology. The more I read about her the more I admired her. She is a very intelligent woman who seems determined to be the best educator she can be. She has done some amazing things in life. She has even taught in another country. She also loves to travel and has recently traveled to many places throughout the country. Ms. Yollis' blog is awesome and she defiantly goes above and beyond to find new ideas for her students.

Ms. Yollis is very big on proofreading. She has a video that stresses how important to proofread your work is. She has turned away comments due to errors. The children are also learning how important to proofread is. Ms. Yollis has a visitor counter on her blog similar to the one Dr. Strange has on his blog. I was amazed that over 50,000 visitors has viewed her blog from U.S. That is amazing and must make the kids feel very proud.

What I really loved was Ms. Yollis' website. This is a wonderful tool for students, parents,and grandparents. Her web page has blogging tips, homework, spelling, and etc. on it. It is a really great tool to keep up with what your child is doing. Her web page also has a view counter and already has over 5,000 viewers to visit her web page. She is amazing and I hope to be just as dedicated as she is.

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