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Sunday, November 6, 2011

C4K Summary for October

Kids on computers

My first Kid for October was a 7 year old boy from Pt. England School named Liam. Liam is a wonderful kid who is very smart. He has a twin brother named Patrick. I told him that is very cool and he is luck to have a twin brother. Liam and Patrick are in the same class at school. They each have their own cat, Liam's cat is named Mikey and Patrick's cat is named Mily. He spends most of his free time on the PlayStation 3 and computer but, not all his time. He really likes sports and his favorite sport is soccer. He has several more he enjoys as well like football and cricket. Liam is very talented when it comes to playing music. He has learned how to play the guitar and flute. If and when Liam wants to relax he listens to music.

My Second Kids was Maia. Her class had a very cool wiki page. Her class was room 3 in Kids with a view. I was to tell Maia about something cool about the United State. I chose to tell her about our fairs we have. I really used the fair in Minnesota to tell her about. Even though I have never been there I read about it on the Internet and it seemed unbelievable. It lasted 12 days and over 1.6 million people attended. I went on to explain to her that this is a log of people. I just really can't get over how cool her classes page was.


My third kids was Bryce. Bryce's blog was awesome. Maybe that's why the name of his page is Bryce's awesome blog. I read Bryce's post on his favorite game which is Roblox. Roblox is a virtual playground and workshop designed for children ages 7 and older. Bryce goes on in his blog on how the game Roblox works. Roblox users can create the places they have always dreamed of!Users have a choice of thousands of games to play, varying in design from what the game developers wanted to create. Types of places vary by the feature where the creator of the game can choose a genre.Players in Roblox have the ability to construct up to 100 places (depending on membership type), using an unlimited supply of virtual building blocks. Players can add as many bricks as they want. They can insert their own scripts to add functionality, or can use other player’s scripts, if that player has allowed it onto the public market. I commented on how neat I though this was. It is very interesting to know that a 7 year old can do something like this.

My fourth kid was Sydnie. Syndie was my randomly chosen kid by the machine that pick them for us. I was so glad that I was chose to read her blog because it was about why did we have to go to school on Columbus day. I have wondered this before, if all the banks, state, and federal offices are closed. Sydine seemed to clear this up for me. She goes on in her blog to talk about that Christopher Columbus did not really discover America. The Asiatic people who became Native Americans later on were defiantly the first to find North America. But we really don't know, it may have been found by St. Brendan, Basque fishermen, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Africans, and even Carthaginians. Many of these could be true but we really don't know. Many schools think if Christopher Columbus didn't discover America, then why should we have a holiday about how he “discovered” America? Sydnie states that the school systems believe that America was not really founded by Columbus so chooses not to make that a holiday. But, she does say it would be nice to have the day off, I agree.

Another Kid I was assigned to was Hailey. Her blog post was story she wrote on her Let's Write a Story assignment. It was about her playing in a soccer game and she described it so great I felt like I was there. She explained how it was a cool night with the air blowing on her knees making them shake. I was really impressed on her writing. The thing is though in the story she explains how it is her against the goalie and she never tells the end of the story. I commented to her that I wanna know if she made it or not. But, I felt like she did.

My last Kid to comment on was Michael L. Michael actually commented me back and that was so nice to me. Michael, a student in room 10 at Pt. England school. He has several post that are labeled his animations that are really neat. It is so interesting reading/watching all his post. It is amazing how smart the kids are. I have really enjoyed reading all the post. Michael's post were called animations. They were pictures he has drawn and wanted you to guess what they were or looked like. He seems to be a very smart child. I really enjoyed his blog.

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