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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blog Post# 13

My Teacher is an App
I chose to read this article because I actually know 2 high school students that are attending Florida Virtual School this year to finish up their high school. At first when I heard about this I thought this is a joke school. But, come to find out this is actually a public school offered through the state of Florida that offers a valid high school diploma. I was amazed, this is not fair. We did not have this in when I was in high school. But, that is OK because I really enjoyed going into the "brick- and- mortar" school. I personally think that this should not be allowed unless unusually circumstances. It does children good to get out and socialize with others their own age. If they don't go to school they probably stay inside all day with not physical activity. Also, who is to say they are not cheating on their test and other work. Unless the child is very self-motivated they may choose not to do their work or have someone else do it for them. This could be a very bad thing if not properly monitored.

One the hand, the two high school students I know would have dropped out of school if not for this program. They are very beautiful children and not sure what happened to them in their high school years but, their older sister has already dropped out. They would be following right along her but not that Florida has the virtual school they are at least going to get their high school diplomas. One even wants to go to Univeristy of Alabama. This for them turned out to be a good thing but it hindering them from interacting with other peers.

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  1. You brought up some good arguments against virtual schools. If you couldn't tell, I'm against them. I do think they can be very helpful in special circumstances though!