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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blog Post# 11

Girl on Computer

Little Kids...Big Potential
I was very impressed at the different technology they used in their classroom. The kids seemed to be excited about coming to school and learning new things. This is a wonderful way to keep the children engaged in activities. They really made it look like they were having fun while learning. They each really enjoyed writing in their blogs, and looking at their webpage. This video showed many different web pages they used. For example, they used wiki to figure out what thing were when they were not sure. They also made videos and put up on their blogs. I know the kids really enjoyed doing this. I was really amazed that they are using Skype at such a young age. I have never used skype (yet) in all my 29 years. I will be next week though. I thought that is was neat that they used the Nintendo DS for problem solving and also used it to learn to share. It was really cool to hear them speak of people from Alabama. That made me feel good.

Ms. Cassidy Skype Conversation"

I really enjoyed listening to Ms. Cassidy's Skype interview. She had many great and interesting points. That would have really been neat to be there during the interview. She explains how 10 years ago she was given 5 computes for her classroom and really had no choice but to find out new ideas for 1st graders. This began her journey on becoming technology literate. She began a blog page for her students to blog on. I think I will defiantly be using a blog page. If I can't arrange it so each child will have their own. I will have one for me to post assignments, and changes, and other information for students and parents. I feel that is important for parents to have a way of getting in contact with the teacher on matters. If possible I would like for each child to have their own to post on at least once a week. I know with elementary school aged kids their blog post won't be long but, that is going to be fine. Ms. Cassidy also talks about how the children light up when they see the number of people that has actually viewed their blog. This will keep the children interested and want to do a good job. Even though Ms. Cassidy did not ever have a principal that was totally opposed to her blogging, some did not really help either. I hope to get a principal that supports the use of technology and allows me to have a blog. Technology is not going away so to be the best teachers we can be we must become computer literate. If for any reason but to collaborate with other teachers and educational professionals. We can learn so much from them. Blogs also have an audience and allow feedback with ideas and comments. That is a great way to keep on learning new things.


  1. Hi Holley,

    It is really fascinating how much kids use technology. As educators and even as parents, we should be encouraging and guiding our kids to use technology. It has and is doing so much good. Great post! Hang in there, only three more full weeks left :)

  2. Your work is always enjoyable to read. Don't forget to proofread, though. Feel free to fix any mistakes you may find!