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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blog Post 10

Do you Teach or do you Educate?

This video was very inspiring. The music was a great touch to capture the attention. I feel the words can be used synonymously. The video showed more impact on Educate and all the cool terms were use with it. But, I don't feel like an Educator and a Teacher is much different. I want to be a Teacher that will educate the students the best I can. To teach means to show and explain how to do something, encourage someone, and give information. The video show the words that describe Educator here are a few; enlighten, empower, mentor, shows the way, and trusted advisor. I want to be all of these plus the definition of Teacher and I do believe that is possible. It all has to do with educating the student. That is the goal we as Teacher/Educators have and we all work toward that goal. Call it what you like,it is Education which is the kindling of a flame.

Tom Johnson's Don't let Them Take Pencil's Home!
In this blog the message to me was Educators get too caught up on the outcomes of test scores they lose focus on having the student learn. They need to be more focused on a solution to problem and not just the problem. Some teachers do not really look at the problem correctly becasue they are so caught up on test scores and that is their main focus. Even though test scores are important and measure how well a teacher is teaching learning is also very important. To me test scores are not a correct measure of a teachers ability to teach. Some student do not take these test very serious and cause low scores. Students seem to learn in a more creative environment. I think Gertrude is too caught up in having high test scores , that is does not matter to her what the children are actually learning. As long as their test scores remain high she does not want to change anything. I guess you could really substutue the word "pencil' with any educational word like computer, textbook, or worksheets. Focusing on test scores is becoming a main focus throughout schools today.


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