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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Blog Post #7

Randy Pausch: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
Randy Pausch is an amazing man, he has done so many amazing things in his life. He has had several experiences he shared with the audience of how he has fulfilled his childhood dreams. He goes on to tell about his accomplishments and experiences he has had. I would also like to mention how sad I was to hear about his health issues. It was a shock, I would have never guessed it based on his attitude. Everyone has childhood dreams, he shows there is a way to make those dreams come true. He also explains that there will be brick walls. Some of those brick walls are made of flesh, is a statement he used that I like. Brick walls are there for a reason, to stop the people who really do not want it bad enough.

Another statement he talked about was if you are screwing up, and no one is telling you anymore that is a bad thing. That means they have given up on you. So criticism is not always a bad thing. Be glad someone cares enough to tell you.I really enjoyed his speech, he has so many little saying that really made sense after thinking about them. "Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted" is another I liked.

He also spoke of an 2 week assignment he assigned to his students and was completely blow away by their work. He needed a little advise on what to do so he went to his Mentor for advise. His mentor told him to go to class the next day and tell the students good work, but you could have done better. That was the perfect advise he explained, his students just kept climbing in performance. Toward the end Randy stresses how important it is to have fun while learning. Turn an assignment into something fun,have a "child like" behavior.

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  1. Hey Holly!

    I'm back again! I just have to say that Dr. Pausch had a huge impact on me when I was in this class. His sayings were something I loved as well. The best part about his video for me was that although he could have given up at any point in his life, he chose to keep trying. Even when he didn't get to be an Imagineer. Even despite having cancer. His determination was amazing and still continues through his videos.

    And, your picture needs a title tag! Haha. You're going to get this by the end of the semester, I promise. I don't care how many times I need to show you.