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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

C4t Summary 3

What did you do during the great occupation of twenty-ought-eleven?
I was assigned to a blog of 19 educators called Cooperative Catalyst. The most recent blog post was by an educator Brent Shavely called "What did you do during the Great Occupation of twenty-ought-eleven? Brent believes that all of life is a learning experience. I agree everyday is a learning experience for me. Each day brings up new questions and answers. Students may ask questions we may not know the answers for but, we must find them we then learn new material. He also believes that individuals worked there entire lives seeking out "new things" to have and to do. Well again I agree because I feel like that is what I am doing. I am seeking an education to have a better life for me and my family. In his blog he goes on to talk about how learning experiences occur at all times and under all circumstances.

Challenge schools to change
The second C4T was also on the blog Cooperative Catalyst. This time is was an educator named Chad Sansing. The title of his blog was "Challenge Schools to Change".Chad Sansing is a humanities teacher at a charter school. He believes that a simple truth lurks behind our schools: we built them to keep our kids apart. Chad's blog talks about how each child deserves a personally meaningful education and a community of learning that includes ,involves, and inspires him or her. It is about creating a new public education system that recognizes and values a broader definition of learning than that accounted for by test. Chad's goal is to influence federal and state education policy so that meaningful work of lasting value stands in place of high test scores.


  1. The Cooperative Catalyst group is a great idea! I'm sure they come up with innovative ideas for improving education. Good job.

  2. The Cooperative Catalyst group sounds like a great idea! I would love o have the link to the blog so I could read more.