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Sunday, October 9, 2011

C4T Summary 2

Computers and Kids

Nancy's Imaginary Line
1) I had the pleasure of being assigned to a blog "Connected Principles". I read a blog post titled Nancy's Imaginary Line. This was an interesting story of a teacher who took her students out for an exciting outdoor activity, which turned out to be so much more. He little group was restless so she took 2 pylons and told the kids to stand behind the "imaginary" line. Well the kids minds started to turn. The students walked over to the imaginary line and had many questions.
1."What color were the lines, can mine be pink"?
2."How thick are the lines"?
3."What does and imaginary line really look like"?.....
These were just a few of the questions the student asked. It goes to show how each student thinks differently and how smart they are. Their minds were really focused on the imaginary line. The teacher was a little thrown off course. This was a good lesson in imagination and creativity for the students.

Pause Before You Post
2)This article was about technology bullying. October is Anti-Bullying month. The reason a month is dedicated to anti-bullying is to help cut down and eliminate the number of students being bullied through computers. Many people think it is OK because they hide behind a computer and are not face to face. Students are actually committing suicide due to bullying. We as teachers must learn to recognize bullying and put a stop to it. My teacher that I commented on is a strong believer in social media but, feels that it has became easier for cyber bullying. I agree I also love all the social networks sites as well but, we need to teach children to be more careful in what they post. Ask them..Would you actually say that to their face? So for the month of October.."Pause before you Post".

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  1. Nice post, Holly! It's really sad how prevalent cyber-bullying is these days. (Picture needs the title tag! You can do it!)