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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blog Post #6

The Networked Student

This class is a lot like EDM. This video shows how many tools are out there for research. It mentioned about blogs, and they are a good source to read other opinions of students. It was a great example of how we connect with people all over the world. This video explains the purpose of technology and how students and teachers can use it. The Networked Student sounds like a very smart, technology literate student. Even though the student is already educated in technology it will still have question and need help learning all this.
This is where the teacher comes in. The teacher of the Networked Student will help with guidance and questions the student may have. The teacher will also help organize and differentiate between information. So, the teacher is just an important as the technology out there.

Welcome to My PLE!

This video is of a 7th grade student telling about her Personal Learning Environment. This video was very informative, and I think she did a great job on explaining step by step on how to use and generate any information you need from a click of a button. She was so organized. I just learned what a PLE was and really need to create mine. The student was polished and professional. I wish I had her organizational skills. This is a wonderful idea and would help students keep on track with what all they need to learn.

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  1. Hello Holly!

    You seem to be having a little issue with your picture title tag. I think what you did was you added the alt="", title="", and source="" modifiers to the post but not in the actual picture code. Get rid of that stuff and then look in the picture HTML code for the <img section. That's where you add the other things. Hopefully that helps, but if not, one of the lab assistants can help.

    I'm glad you mentioned the fact that teachers are become filters for information, because I think it's important that we maintain this role and stay vigilant. In today's world, there are so many places to go for information, that students may not know where to look or what's valid. This is where the networked teacher steps in and clarifies the process.

    Nice post!