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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blog Post #9

What I have Learned this year (2008-09)
What I have Learned this year (2008-09)
I wanted to read Mr.McClung's first year (2008-09) and third year (2010-11) to see if his attitude has changed any.
When Mr. McClung first started out he was so worried and caught up in pleasing his superiors he lost touch with his audience. Mr. McClung felt like he was trying to control things way too much. I can see how this would happen on your first year as a teacher. He would beat himself up over activities that did not go well. He needed to get over that and I feel the same way. We are all human and not everything is always gonna go as planned.

He also states how communication is key. I strongly agree with him on this. Communication is the best way to learn, solve, and respond to an issue in the workplace. He also mentions "don't be afraid of technology." We as EDM students have learned how technology can help you as a teacher. Don't be afraid of it, it is our friend. Lastly, never stop learning. It is never to late to change something. Students deserve the best we can give them.

What I have learned this year (201-11)
What I have learned this year (2010-11)
Know who your boss is
I really loved Mr. McClungs statement about we are here for the kids. Don't get caught up in any other drama at the school. Focus on what you are there for, the kids. Students should always be the primary focus. Even though administration is important you are there to serve and teach the kids. Mr. McClung is an optimist and tries to maintain a positive attitude when it comes to things such as change. I really think this is important. Change is not always a bad thing. Change is good. I hope I am just as optimistic as him. Mr. McClung states "don't be afraid to be an outsider". That is something that I am afraid of. I am not saying I want to be in others business and drama. I surely don't want that, I just want to feel welcomed and not have to worry about not fitting in. I think it is important to have good relationships with other co-workers. I really enjoyed reading his post and hope I have the same look on teaching as he does.

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  1. Having good relationships with coworkers is beneficial and makes the days much more fun. McClung has put the majority of EDM310 at ease about the first year of being a teacher. I have no doubts about you, though!