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Sunday, October 2, 2011

C4K Summary 1


My first student was David a student at PT England School in Auckland, NZ. David is a amazing 7 year old young man. His favorite subject at school is Physical Education because he loves to play a lot of rugby. He has a really cool blog and is a very interesting young man. I think it is awesome all the things he is doing. I really enjoyed reading his blog. He even commented on my blog and google presentation. David really enjoys playing rugby and you can tell by his blog.

My second student was Tina she also is a 7 year old student at PT England School in Auckland, NZ. She again has a really cool blog. For a 7 year old student this is awesome. She writes about her day and what she has done in class along with class projects. She even posted some of her favorite poems that I loved reading. Tina also is a big fan of rugby and enjoys playing it. One post she posted was about her getting a vaccination. She explained how she was so scared. I would love to keep in contact with these amazing children.

St. Elmo Explores was my third blog post for kids. This is an amazing program that was able to come together by the donation from Ms. Lucy Buffet. The kids all wrote thank you letters and put it in a google presentation on their blog. This program takes place at St. Elmo Elementary school. The students are being introduced to ipads and all kind of new technology. This is an awesome program. Thanks Ms. Lucy Buffett!

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